These are the main factors that make a job more difficult, and therefore more expensive:

  • Depend on the total number of listings, depth level of search to extract required content.
  • Number of fields to be scraped.
  • Number of pages, and different page formats.
  • The complexity of the data manipulation and degree of manual intervention required.
  • Existence of anti-spider protection mechanisms or limitations of the rate at which the site can be scraped.
  • Restrictions on the number of page views per user, which means I need to use multiple IP addresses.
  • Badly or inconsistently structured data.
  • Obfuscated data, which needs to be decoded.
  • Data dynamically loaded with JavaScript.
  • Data embedded in Flash or images.
  • The website contains a huge quantity of data.
  • If it asks for CAPTCHA verification.
  • How fast the site responds.
  • Number of websites (More websites, more discount).

For most projects we receive payment via PayPal, but we can discuss other options like bank transfer and Western Union if more convenient.