Facebook Scraper


Want to collect key data from Facebook pages and profiles – You have arrived at the right place!

Facebook is a remarkable social networking website. It has 1.44 billion monthly active users and 1.25 billion mobile users. We scrape Facebook data for our clients through our Facebook Scraping tools and extract accurate data from Facebook as per their data requirements.

We can scrape following information from Facebook

  • First name, Last name, Address, Email Addresses (if available), Posts, Comments, Total likes, Fan Page URL, Profile Information and Photos.
  • Key information about businesses, professionals, friends can also be extracted from multiple groups, communities and Facebook business pages.

Facebook Data Scraping Key Features

  • Key Information Extraction: Facebook Scraper can scrape key information from Facebook site and one can use it into his business operations smartly.
  • Email Extraction: Facebook email scraper services include scraping of emails and export it to a CSV.
  • Facebook ID Scraping: Can scrape Facebook ID’s from Pages, Groups and Events.
  • Facebook URL Scraping: Can scrape required Facebook URL’s.
  • Filtering of Information: Our services include filtering of required information from the bulk data.

Facebook Data Scraping Key Benefits

  • No Manual Operations: Fetch required data without any annoyance or execution of manual operations.
  • Full ROI from Extracted Data: Our clients save their money and in return have business benefits through our services.
  • Instant Output & Results: With tasks taking manifold human hours, we can finish that instantly in minutes. Saving our clients time and resources with better results.