About Us


Most businesses today depend on web to fetch data that is important to their key decision making processes. Extracting data and information from different web sources can extensively help businesses reduce time, money and manual efforts.

Worth Web Scraping Services has a proven record in web data extraction services. We specialize in scraping and our data scrapers can extract both raw and analytical data which includes Text, Files, Images, Links, All types of Business and Contact Information, Product Features, Product Pricing, News, and many different contents from multiple websites.

These multiple websites include Government Sites, Ecommerce Portals, all types of Business Directories, Social & Professional Networking Sites, Classified Websites, Job Portals, Travel, Hotels & Restaurant Sites, Jewelry Websites, Automobile Sites, Real Estate Sites and many more…

Speaking on technology – with our extensive experience we have developed highly professional technical skills in Web data extraction. This know-how has enabled us to extract any required data and content via automated search functionalities, by parsing the key information for storage in the database as desired by our clients. We know exactly how to parse the HTML. And also have expert developers for crawling the web data; who can effortlessly deploy the required crawlers by scaling them on demand.

We work in three simple steps :
1. You give us your business needs
2. We review the needed requirements and
3. We provide you the required data services.