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Web scraping companies can be useful when the need is to scrape data at a mass-scale and to have the data delivered in a structured, clean format. Some web scraping companies can help you solve your data needs in a customized way while others do it in a rather generic, more superficial way.

Examples of Web Scraping & Data Mining Uses

Example 1

You work as an estate agent, all of your properties get put straight onto right moves website. Rather than typing in all the properties for a second time and keeping them updates a scraping script can be created to download all of the information direct into your websites database and keep it up to date.

Example 2

You own a clothing shop and 1000 different products from 10 different suppliers. Script can be created which download the product title, images, description, codes and prices. It can even have the ability for you to increase or decrease the price you sell the product in your store by a set %.

Example 3

You wish to conduct market research or research into your competitor. Take groceries for example, a script could be setup to download each of the main stores products; it could then compare the prices of them all to tell you the cheapest, average price etc.

Example 4

You are a company trying to generate leads. Take a spare / replacement supplier for car and van parts. A scrape could be made which scrapes information from the yellow pages directory which can give you a list of every garage within say 100 miles, a list could be generated with their address, email addresses or telephone number for marketing material.

We Can Help!

In this new information era, a plethora of data is available at anyone’s disposal over the internet. One can find any kind and volume of information that they are interested in, given they have the time and patience for doing the same. But what about automating this whole process? Yes. That’s what Worth Web Scraping Services does – we take over your data scraping requirements and provide you with the final outcome – clean, structured data in the form of XML, CSV or XLS (MS Excel).

If you are looking to dig data from the web, we can make the process easy for you. All you have to do is drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest.