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1. What is web scraping?
Web scraping is an automated coding process to extract data from web pages and websites within a short span of time. It avoids manual copy paste data.
2. Why web scraping is preferable for businesses?
Most of businesses rely on data. When you need to gather bulk of data from websites manual work is not effective one as it will take no of days to get the data. Automated web scraping process collect large data in very short time with higher accuracy. It saves time and resources cost both.
3. Is Web scraping legal?
Yes. To extract publicly available data is legal.
4. How much do you charge for data scraping?
Cost is varies based on no of parameters like complexity of website, Number of data to be scraped, security issues and CAPTCHA solving process. Let me know your data requirements then we quote you.
5. Can you provide our required data on a daily / weekly / monthly?
We can scrape data daily, weekly and monthly basis as per your need. We are regularly working with these types of projects and delivering data successfully.
6. Is Data Extraction is possible from mobile app and PDF file?
Yes. We can scrape data from mobile application and also from PDF files given by you.
7. Can you offer sample file to get clear about your service?
Yes we provide our previous work file for sample data initially. Then we make changes according to your given format.
8. How my Ecommerce business can take advantage of Web scraping?
Web scraping services can help you for competitor analysis: About competitor’s products details, products images, pricing and offer strategy and more. Knowing market trends, customer behaviour about purchasing products, regularly update on frequently changing prices, seller information and more. It satisfies all prime needs that are requiring for Ecommerce business.
9. Do you resell data that scrape for us?
No its our company policy we never resell data scraped for you.
10. Can you scrape Facebook?
Yes. We can scrape posts, events, reviews, likes, company pages from Facebook as per your need.