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Barlist Data Scraping

Barlist Data Scraping

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Sometimes you may need some reliable and competent lawyers to handle your case so you need to reach out to a pool of lawyers to make your selection. Or may be you offer some goods and services that are specifically for lawyers. So you need to get a list of large numbers of lawyers to reach out to. For that you should go through Lawyer data scraping or Attorney data scraping.

In either case, one of the platforms that offer a database of lawyers is Barlist USA.

Yes! Barlist is a rich database of legal professionals and firms. Barlist provides lawyers’ data together with contact details and reviews. Worth web scraping services offer a fully-customized Barlist data scraping solution that fits your needs. We also arrange the extracted data in your desired format.

Our Barlist Data Extraction Service Scrapes the Following Data Fields

Lawyer’s Name
Firm Name
Contact Address
Contact Phone Number
Website URL
Certified Legal Specialty
Lawyer’s Picture
Locality, City, State, Zip Code
Bar Number
Area of Practice
People at the Firm, Etc

Tell us about your requirements today as regards scraping the Barlist database. Worth web scraping company has a team of scrapers with the expertise and tools to provide the optimum scraping solutions for you. The extract data can be delivered in different forms including text files, HTML, XML, MS-Access, MySQL, CSV, etc

Our data scraping services also automatically removes duplicate or invalid lawyer’s data. Our powerful, automated, and affordable Barlist data extraction service is very useful for anyone who wishes to collate the details of lawyers for either email marketing or promotion of any products or services.

Do you want to fetch information about the attorneys or lawyers in your city or neighboring suburb? Contact us today to help you with our Barlist data extraction service.