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Brand Monitoring Services

Due to the complexity of online threats on business brands, which is increasing by the day, it becomes very crucial to keep an eye on potential online brand infringements. As a result, developing a strategic brand monitoring tool is vital to develop a protection strategy. Brand Monitoring services maintain your brand’s right and integrity.

Brand monitoring, just as its name suggests, is basically about monitoring the reputation of your brand as well as everything being said about it. Though the definition goes more than that. Monitoring about brand is actually a crucial business analytics processes. That deal with the strategic monitoring of various channels on the social media or web at large. It discovers the different thoughts, ideas, and opinions about your company, brand, products, or anything explicitly connects to your brand.  The prime essence of brand analysis is to eventually react to the sentiments to save your brand.

Remember that the online reputation of your brand is noticeable to both your customers, prospects, and targeted audience. That is why you need a complete business monitoring and insight of your brand. This will helps to compete in the already “competitive” and dynamic market.

Gone are the day when only large businesses and corporations with huge public relation budgets are use brand monitoring services. Nowadays, even smaller businesses require brand monitoring.

At Worth web scraping company, we specialize in providing comprehensive and result-yielding brand monitoring services to any business organization irrespective of its size. We offer a full range of brand monitoring tool to monitor your brand wherever it appears on the web.

Our Brand Monitoring services includes:

Domain Name Monitoring
We thoroughly scan the web for any domain registration that matches your brand.
Internet Monitoring
We identify web content and logo abuse on your brand for immediate action.
Social Media Monitoring
We track all mentioning of your brands on social media and move for the removal of any social media content detrimental to your brand.
Mobile App Monitoring
We monitor all the major mobile application stores to find and delist any fake apps related to your brand.
Paid Search Monitoring
We find and remove online ads that damage your brand or cost you traffic.
We also help you in taking necessary actions against online infringements.

We fully customize our data scraping services to perfectly fit your brand and business. If you would like to discuss your brand analysis and monitoring need with us, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.