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Edgar Scraper

Have You Heard About Edgar Scraper for Scraping Edgar USA Data?

Edgar scraper is automated tool developed for scraping Edgar companies’ data in fastest manner. It is very easy to use by anyone.

All firms, either domestic or foreign, are required to file their periodic reports, 10-K filings, registration statements, 10-Q filings, and other forms electronically through EDGAR.

Most time, the 10-K filings and 10-Q fillings hold valuable insights into the performance of a company. Investors can look into this data to determine the growth trend of a company. Hence, companies’ data on EDGAR can be extracted and used for data analysis. Although this information is free and can be accessed by anybody, it can be difficult to access.

For instance, the 10-K filings were about 50,000 words long in 2018; that’s a very long length to access. More the filings contain some boilerplate and dense languages that hide the true meaning of some terms for most investors.

Although, you don’t need to extract all the data on the filing to predict companies’ future stock returns, scraping EDGAR of real-time data manually is time-consuming and is not advisable if you have other things to use your time for.

However, this can be easily and efficiently done using an EDGAR scraper. It makes crawling and extracting 10-Ks and 10-Qs from EDGAR very easy, fast and efficient.

To enjoy our scraping Edgar USA service, simply give us your requirements to be scraped. Our team of data scrapers is proficient in EDGAR scraping and will extract all necessary data points for you.

Once we are done with the data extraction, we will deliver the extracted EDGAR data to you in your format. We upload in CSV, HTML, TXT, XML, EXCEL, etc. Our EDGAR scraper can deliver a large amount of data daily.

Our modern data scraping tools can help you to make better decisions as an investor by predicting the future behaviours and growth trends of a company. So hire Worth web scraping services today and we will provide you with the best EDGAR scraping service at an effective cost.