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Meta Data Scraping

Want to Swiftly Beat your Competitors on SEO – Then you have Landed at the Right Place!

SEO play vital role for getting success in any business particularly in Online business. SEO ranking is based on Meta title and description. Meta Data and Tags are very important for ranking the website in Google. How web scraping services useful in SEO? By scraping organic search results you can swiftly find out the real success of your competitors. You can refer on the title tags and the keywords they are targeting. Meta Data Scraping empowers you to fetch the list of URLs and scrape the page Titles, Descriptions and Keywords for every single URL you target. We provide Meta tag extractor that extract Meta Data from Website of your competitors. Also delivers in your desired format so further comparison become easy.

First Extracting Meta tag from more and more competitor’s website that ranking on Google. Make compassion those all meta data. By analyzing get clear about how your competitors set their meta data for each page on website. Then prepare your web pages meta title and meta description. Manually doing all these stuff it is take long time so Web scraping services is best option to make analysis of Meta tags.

We Extract Meta Data from Website and Provide Following Information

Webpage Titles
Webpage Descriptions
Meta robots and keyword tags
H1 and H2 tags
HTTP Header
Excel and txt data export

Key Competitive Benefits from Meta Data Scraping

Scrape keywords which are driving traffic to a website
Fetch which content categories are drawing links
Analyze and have Insights leading to better user engagements
Find resources that will boost your website rankings
Have business edge by direct competitor’s meta-data research

Added Data Services

Data Extraction with customizations
Filtering of data
Multi-Threaded and Flexible Connections
Multiple Proxy Support
Exporting scraped data in required formats
Help in auditing your own websites