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Kickstarter Scraping

Do you need of scraping Kickstarter for creative and lucrative projects? Our Kickstarter scraping service is your best choice.

Kickstarter is the largest funding raising platform in the world for creative projects. Creators post their projects on Kickstarter with the hope that their projects would be crowdfunded by interested investors. Each project on Kickstarter has a project title, a project image, a short project description, a location, and some other funding details.

Kickstarter has 16 categories and thousands of amazing and creative projects you can participate in. However, you may sometimes want to participate in a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter but don’t know which project to choose because there are so many of them. More so, you may not have the time to browse through a long list of projects or search for projects as per your requirements.

That is why we make it our goal at Worth web scraping to help you scrape Kickstarter for data on each project. Our Kickstarter scraper will crawl and scrape all projects in any category on the Kickstarter webpages and collate them in easy-to-read, easy-to-access formats.

The extracted data helps you to easily explore a vibrant creative universe to see which of the projects you can participate in. Kickstarter data helps grate to funding agencies to make decision about fund release. They are always looking for company and projects data from such platform like LinkedIn. We have delivered LinkedIn data scraping to such a client. Download previously extracted data.

The Data Field We Scrape by Kickstarter Scraping

Project Name
Project Description
Goal of Project
Amount Pledged
Number of Backers
Days Left
Project URL
Percentage Funded

Why Choose Us?

We deliver the extracted data in a very structured format (HTML, CSV, Excel Spread Sheet, JSON, etc.) and delivery method preferred by our customers.
We provide an easy Kickstarter scraping solution based on your scraping requirements.
Our scraping services are quick, efficient, and affordable.

So hire Worth web scraping services today for scraping Kickstarter data at an affordable cost.

For Python web scraping passionate we have tutorial channel with python script. Once watch and get code for your desired website scraping.