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Scraping Netflix Data

Crawl and scrape video streaming on Netflix with our Netflix scraper. The quality of the end results of the scraped data relies completely on the quality of scraping service. That is why at Worth web scraping company, we provide nothing but the best Scraping Netflix Data service.

Netflix offers video streaming, a kind of media streaming where video files are constantly provided to remote users through the Internet. Netflix helps users to view interesting videos without getting to download the video on their computer or host device.

Due to the increasing rate of the live video streaming market, Internet videos are receiving more and more attention. More than 81 percent of Internet users view live video streaming. In fact, more than 63 percent of people between the age of 18 and 34 years view live video streaming regularly. More so, older people between the age of 35 and 54 years are interested in viewing live-stream videos as well.

Aside from Netflix, there are so many other popular live-streaming video stations, such as Hotstar, Vimeo, Viewster, Popcornflix, Vevo, Crackle, CBS All Access, Fubo TV, Sony Interactive, Philo TV, YouTube, Twitch, Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue, Movies Anywhere, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Users of Netflix can scrape data on unlimited movies from Netflix but this cannot be done manually. So, you need the service of a Netflix scraper. Apart from Netflix, we have experience in scraping all kinds of websites. Once download extracted data of our data scraping service and then make judge about quality.

List of Data Fields Our Netflix Scraper Can Handle Include

Video Name
Video Title
Video URL
Video Description
Video Meta Title
Video Meta Description
Channel Name
Total Views

At Worth data scraping, we make use of the latest scraping technology and process the scraped data. Includes data cleaning, data structuring, and removing duplications to make the data easy to use. We also provide high-quality data with a fixed schema.

Contact us today and we will make scraping Netflix data very easy for you.

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