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How to Create Twitter API Key for Web Scraping

Twitter has very user friendly API to extract any kind of data from twitter. Its free for limited use.In this tutorial we will learn how to create API keys to extract data from twitter.

To Create API Follow Below Steps:

  • Please go to: link to sign up for your Twitter if you don’t have an account.
  • Create New Application
    Go to:
    Enter your Application Name, Description and your website address. You can leave the callback URL empty.
    Copy the consumer key (API key) and consumer secret from the screen into your application.

  • After creating application you can copy your secret key as shown below:

  • To get access token click on “Create my Access Token” and copy them:

Now you have all your API keys and Secret Tokens, save them into a safe place and do not share with anyone.

Now the concern is how to scrape data from Twitter using API. One of our tutorial in series that cover How to Scrape Tweets from Twitter using Python.